About Franklin Group

Franklin Group of Institution (FGI), Bhubaneswar is one of the leading College functioning with the sole aim of fulfilling the potential demand of medical and other professions located in the state’s smart city.


‘Vision’is the act of power of imagination when you apply vision to the future, you can create a mental picture that can be used to direct your action. It serves as a guide and can be used to provide a sense of purpose. It gives you reasonsfor your actions, choices, hopes and desires. FGI,Bhubaneswar provides many opportunitiesfor students to enter the global world

Finally, it gives direction and a glimpse over your life to make your goals and proposes to become a reality.


‘Mission’is the core purpose of this institution which is a summary of the aims and of core values. A mission is comprehensive, but also very specific to set you apart from other institutions as follows:

  • To emerge a good quality education by the qualified faculties.
  • To accomplish a process of improving the knowledge and skill of the students.
  • To create a healthy study atmosphere in the mind of the rural and urban students.
  • Achieving 100% results.