Bachelor In Perming Arts

  • Duration: 4 Years.
  • Eligibility: CHSE or equivalent to CHSE having any streams with 50 %.

What is BPA?

BPA or Bachelor of Performing Arts is an undergraduate degree course that is all about entertainment and its related techniques. The course is of four years duration.

A BPA course focuses on three major aspects of performance and entertainment industry – music, dance, and drama and provides specialisation to students in any one of these. The course helps students refine their skills and become a successful artist in any of the three varied forms of performing arts – dance, drama and music.

Why BPA?

Career prospects for a performing arts graduate are bright. There are a variety of entertainment houses which seek talented professionals to serve their industry. Given below are some of the popular job profiles available for candidates with a BPA degree:

  • Actor: An actor is a professional who portrays different characters in film, television, theatre or any other performing arts media. Experience plays a significant role in the field of acting as greater experience leads to higher paying roles.
  • Community Arts Worker: A community arts worker performs arts and its related activities for a certain community. Job as a community arts worker is usually available with NGOs which work for the welfare of a local community.
  • Choreographer: A choreographer creates designs and directs routines used in various dances and performances. A choreographer creates dance and movement routines, sometimes by revising existing routines.
  • Music Therapist: A music therapist is a person who uses music as part of a patient’s comprehensive therapeutic treatment plan. The therapist works with patients of any age group and assesses their mental or physical disorders before starting with their therapeutic treatment plan.
  • Theatre Director: A theatre director is responsible for practical as well as creative interpretation of a dramatic script. The director works closely with all the performers and creative and production teams to create a drama/ performance that connects with the audience.
  • Dance Teacher: A dance teacher is a professional who leads dance classes for an individual or a group of people. A dance teacher teaches various dancing techniques to his/ her students and ensures that they refine their dancing skills.
  • Art Administrator: An art administrator works for various art galleries, museums, musical groups, theatres, etc and performs duties such as arranging artists, performances, venues, catering, security, and so on.
  • Broadcast Presenter: A broadcast presenter provides a public face or voice to a variety of shows broadcasted on television, radio and internet. A broadcast presenter basically leads the show.
  • Broadcast Engineer: A broadcast engineer is responsible for installation, maintenance as well as operation of all broadcast-related equipment.
  • Screenwriter: A screenwriter is the writer of the script of a movie. A screenwriter creates a dialogue, characters and storyline of a film script