Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Bachelor In business Administration- 3 years
  • Eligibility – CHSE having Any stream or equivalent to CHSE with 50% marks.

Business activities are multifaceted and that’s why there is a big requirement of professionally qualified experts. The word ‘Management’ expands primarily over the business and industrial ground. However, it can be easily associated with most of the working disciplines. The managerial activities at small enterprises are a liability of owners while in multi-national companies and large scale organizations, managerial responsibility is given to a hierarchy of skilled and certified professionals.

Bachelor of business administration or BBA as it’s popularly known is a course that is designed for students that are interested in pursuing careers in global business. The course is aimed at impacting you with knowledge on the main areas of business administration. Finally, the course aims at helping you to analyze and critically evaluate the effectiveness of business enterprises and organizations.

The B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration) program is organized in the way so that students can learn various basic business concepts and principles and after that, they can have experience in hand in the field-based projects as well as can apply both theory and logic to problem solving. This program is a three year academic course that prepares students for practicing their services in the area of finance, accounting, hospitality, retailing, wholesaling and manufacturing industries and so on.

Taking a Look At The Course

While the curriculum varies from one business school to another, you should expect to study a number of common programs regardless of the program that you enroll in. For example, you should expect to study programs that give you a general foundation in business administration.

Some of the notable courses that you should expect to take include: business theory, economics, E-business, consumer behavior, budget development, human resource management, business law and ethics, and entrepreneurship fundamentals.

The cool thing with the course is that you can study it full time or part time. If pursuing it full time you should expect to complete in four years; however, if you want to study it part time you should expect to take an additional year or two depending on the load of the course that you are taking.

If you want to shorten the time it will take you to complete the course you should take CLEP business exams.

Career Options for You

Are you wondering what you can do with the course after graduating? There are many positions that you can take after graduation. Some of the positions that you can take include: operations manager, sales manager, loss prevention manager, cost estimator, and information security officer.

If you had specialized in a given program during your education you should take a position that fits your specialization. For example, if you specialized in accounting you should take a position that deals with accounting.

Furthering Your Education

After completing a BBA you should highly consider furthering your education in order to qualify for a top executive position. You also stand a better chance of getting promoted after furthering your education.

If you want to be a chief executive officer (CEO) or chief operations officer (COO) you should pursue a master of business administration. If you want to work as a consultant, executive or university professor, you should pursue a doctoral program.

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