Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Duration : 4.5 Years
  • Eligibility : 10th +2 Pass with PCB For General Candidates – 50% For SC/ST Candidates – 40%

What is Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)?

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy in Bhubaneswar is a four year undergraduate medical course, including compulsory six months of clinical internship and involving the science of physical movement aimed at preventing disease and disabilities. Physiotherapy meaning indicates the physio-therapeutic system of medicine. Top BPT College in Bhubaneswar gives BPT course teaches and helps the students to gain skill and methods that are necessary for the practice of physiotherapy treatment. Students enrol to the course are taught on advance level about core physiotherapeutic skills such as therapeutic, Exercises, manual therapy and application of electro-physical modalities.

About Physiotherapy:

Best BPT College in Odisha offer Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease. The Physiotherapy Courses Odisha helps to encourage development and facilitate recovery, enabling people to stay in wok while helping them to remain independent for as long as possible.

What Physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession and takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing, which includes the patient’s general lifestyle. At the core is the patient’s involvement in their own care, through education, awareness, empowerment and participation in their treatment.

You can benefit from physiotherapy at any time in your life. Physiotherapy helps with back pain or sudden injury, managing long-term medical condition such as asthma and in preparing for childbirth or a sporting event.

What Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapy is a degree-based health care profession. Physios use their knowledge and skills to improve a range of conditions associated with different systems of the body such as:

  • Neurological(stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s)
  • Neuromusculoskeletal(back pain, whiplash associated disorder, sports injuries, arthritis)
  • Cardiovascular(chronic heart disease, rehabilitation after heart attack)
  • Respiratory(asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis)
  • Physiotherapy works in a variety of specialism’s in health and social care. Additionally, some physiotherapists are involved in education, research and service management.

Career Prospects

Physiotherapy jobs may be found at:

  • Community health centres
  • Mental health centres
  • Nursing homes/private care centres
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Sports clinics
  • Fitness centres
  • Government hospitals
  • The institute of the Physically handicapped
  • Defence establishments
  • Teaching establishments
  • Own clinic

Urban lifestyles are notorious for generating every kind of ache imaginable; and though we require about 1 physiotherapy for every 1000 people, only 5000 such professionals are available. The demand is intense; Best Physiotherapy Institutions in Bhubaneswar gives physiotherapy jobs in India are booming.